Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Donald Trump's Failure

Donald Trump the billionaire real-state tycoon and the host of popular series The Apprentice was once failed in his business ventures. This failures teaches him so much lessons.

Trump lost his entire fortune when property prices crashed in the early 1990s during a recession and he ended up $935 million in debt. Down, but not out, Trump hauled himself up from the pits to triumphantly make a $3.7 billion fortune, all within ten years!
Why didn’t such a crushing failure crush him completely? Because wily Trump of ‘The Art of The Deal’ fame, knew that he may have lost everything physically, but his true wealth did not lie in what he has stashed in his bank, it lay in his mind. It was his way of thinking and his financial intelligence that was worth billions, and that is what continues to make him a genius in negotiating the best deals. Of course he does not always win, but with his multi-million dollar mindset, the comeback is inevitable.